How do you imagine your home?

In Bioedilizia Romano philosophy the customer and his desires represent a priority. In the incessant search to satisfy them we place our experience and our creativity at your disposal, collaborating with you in the design and the realization of every kind of work. You can either send us your own project, with the indication of the product you chose for it and we will provide an estimate about the needed quantity and the final price (Design you own house); or you can only expose us your idea and entirely rely upon our experience: we will suggest innovative and creative solutions that will make unique your home.

Example: Bedroom floor project: bedroom measures 4,5*5 mt

progetto resize

1) 1st proposal: quadretta 20*20 with an internal carpet delimited with fascia “Rachele” 10*21.

Needed quantity: 5m2 quadretta / 3 linear mt for fascia “Rachele”.

progetta 01 quadretta resize

2) 2nd proposal: quadretta 15*15

Needed quantity:…

progetta 02 quadretta resize

3) 3rd proposal : esagono delimited with rettangolo.

Needed quantity:…

progetta 03 esagono resize