Bioedilizia Romano is a craft company producing terracotta (bricks, floors, roof tiles) and potteries; we are also supplier of natural stones and of other services concerning both public and private building industry.

Since old times craftsmen have been projected, designed and realized every sort of handmade product, satisfying customers’ desire to have an object useful, artistic and unique at once. Unlike a work of art conceived for a wealthy public, a craftwork is “democratic”, everyone can afford buying it. That’s why Bioedilizia Romano produces floor tiles, bricks, wall tiles, sun screens, roof tiles, capitals, steps, battens and other kind of complements of terracotta, ceramics and cocciopesto too. Our aim is to promote a building industry giving a “soul” to each construction, making them unique but at the same time affordable.

The importance to personalize and make unique our own house can be illustrated with the importance we daily give to our outfit choise: our clothes, the colours and the shapes we choose communicate an idea about us. In the same way, our house is the outer part of ourselves and even though partially it suggests an idea of us. We can understand the importance of it when we walk down the street and we look at buildings all around: inevitably we get a picture of what kind of people live there and we are right influenced by buildings appearance.

Our big range of products, shapes and colours is the fruit of our will, we transmit from one generation to another, to promote uniqueness, to create visual and tactile emotions, to offer creativity, to share our creativity participating to the design of a construction aesthetic and to its functions.

Our enthusiasm and our will to do always our best urge us to be dynamic, keeping up the pace with changing times without forgetting our traditional values: the quiet life, the environment and its respect.

To retailers: Bioedilizia Romano has a manufacturing output too (of both drawn and handmade products) to satisfy huge quantity orders. These products maintaining all their typical bio-ecological characteristics, are available only in standard dimensions to reduce the production costs and to allow us to keep our prices competitive.


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